Paralyzed Patients' Thoughts Control Robotic Arm

June 5, 2012

Brain Chip Helps Quadriplegics Move Robotic Arms with Their Thoughts
     Susan Young Technology Review (May 16, 2012)

If you've been awed by the ability to move a computer cursor just by thinking, here's something even more astonishing: directing a robotic arm to reach for a beverage and bring it close enough to take a sip through a straw by thought alone. Software picks up and interprets brain patterns from a brain implant about the size of a baby aspirin.

Clinical trials are underway to bring a priceless level of independence to people with neurological disease or injury. It's hoped that the device might eventually stimulate a patient's own muscles, removing the need for a robotic arm. Researchers are also working to create a wireless version of the device.

In a similar vein, watch this video from Design News of a bionic arm that aids amputee soldiers.

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Topic: Biomedical Engineering