Garden-grown Taste "Decoded" for Grocery Tomatoes

June 6, 2012

Tomato Genome Decoded, Will Seed Development of Tastier, Fleshier Fruits
     Rebecca Boyle Popsci (May 30, 2012)

Past winter, spring and early summer seasons have been vast tomato wastelands for me. I've been spoiled by the homegrown flavor and texture of our backyard tomatoes for longer than I care to remember. Even blossom end rot and attacks by birds, insects and assorted other pests hasn't  dampen my enthusiasm for the "real thing."

I rejoice for my non-gardening friends who know a good tomato when they taste one, now that Campari and Kumato tomatoes started appearing in local  supermarkets. And now, researchers promise even greater choice. “We now know exactly what we need to do to fix the broken tomato,” says one tomato scientist.

What's even better news? It turns out that potato, pepper, petunia, tobacco and even coffee crops are direct tomato relatives; fleshy fruits such as melons, apples, strawberries and many more share genetic  characteristics with tomatoes.

Who knows? I may even contribute my share of the $2 billion U.S. market for tomatoes once the snows fall.

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