Prevent Sports Injuries? There's an App for That

June 13, 2012

School of Health Sciences Develops Injury Prevention App
     High Point University (June 4, 2012)

Neither reformed couch potatoes, professional athletes, nor sports and fitness buffs are immune to sprains, pains or serious damage to their ACL (knee ligament) or other body parts.

Growing numbers of people are participating in corporate wellness programs or through their own initiative to get moving as a means for staving off the ravages of time and an abundance of calories. Youngsters aren't immune either, as recent statistics show for high school sports injuries.

Enter an app whose time has come, the Targeted Enhanced Athletic Movement (T.E.A.M.) Screen App. It uses 15 routine tests that professionals use, translating the results of each test into data that may predict what kind of injury the person is likely to develop in the future. As of this writing, access to the app is available by request; the product is expected to be finished in a couple of months.

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