A Better Way; Ten Creative Inventions

June 12, 2012
2012 Invention Awards
     Popsci (June 1, 2012)
What draws more water and more energy than any other daily household activity? Discover a solution to this problem and 9 others.

Popular Science
, founded in 1872, supplements its venerable "What's New, What's Next magazine" reputation with its POPSCI online presence.

Its June 2012 edition features its 6th Annual Invention Awards, an eclectic combination of innovations, such as:
  • A lobster trap that saves wasted time, labor and fuel for Atlantic trappers
  • A modular cast that can be removed in sections as bone heals
  • A life-saving abdominal tourniquet that stops bleeding in seconds
  • Spring-loaded ice skates that harnesses a skater's kinetic energy.
Background and links to each full story, which includes information on how the invention works, the cost to develop, time to market, videos and other details.  

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