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January 16 2008


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November Biotech Report

With this November 2007 update, you now have access to 3,222 Web articles, 3,256 gene-related patents and 7,281 gene-related patent applications...13,759 biotech citations in all.

You may now access PDF versions of our selected November 2007 Web articles and the gene-related patents and patent applications issued and posted by the
US Patent Office in November through the links in the left column of our home page:

Alternatively, you can quickly review the article titles with links to the abstracts and full articles, and gene-related patenting activity sorted by country by clicking on
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Web articles

More Ag-Bio articles caught our eye (5) this month, compared with the one or two that we normally highlight. Check out our BioBlog posts for further commentary.

Hide And Seek

Explains how cephalopods such as octopus can make themselves look like fish, rocks, and coral. It starts with the outermost layer of the cephlopod's skinfull of chromatophors (little balloons filled with pigment) that allows it to change color.

Crops That Shut Down Pests' Genes

Researchers have created plants that kill insects by disrupting their gene expression. Some researchers suggest that they will be safer and less likely to have unintended effects than other genetically modified plants.

Instant Insight: Mutants Make More

Explains how genetically modified microbes offer a short-cut to valuable derivatives of natural products through mutational biosynthesis, or mutasynthesis.

Here Comes Pond Scum Power

Algae biodiesel isn't practical yet, but startups and giants are enthusiastically exploring the possibilities, as one of algae's great virtues is that the plant has so little in common with other sources of fuel.

Biofuels Could Boost Global Warming, Finds Study

Reviews controversies surrounding calculation of amount of greenhouse gases using energy crops vs. fossil fuels.

Another microbe technology, classified under "Novel Applications:"

Microbes Churn Out Hydrogen at Record Rate

Researchers have coaxed common bacteria to produce record amounts of hydrogen in a new, efficient way, with yields of 91% using vinegar and 68% using cellulose.

Check out the remaining 47 articles, covering such diverse areas as genetic cosmetics, the world's "best" R&D companies (as defined by R&D Magazine), personal genomes, an important critique of the U.S. FDA and lots more.

Gene-Related Patents/Patent Applications

Only 60 gene-related patents were granted by the U.S. Patent Office in November 2007. issued to 10 countries outside the United States.

The 174 Gene-related patent applications posted by the U.S. Patent Office in November 2007 were represented by 24 countries, including Armenia, the Czech Republic and India .

Review the titles, categories, assignees, country of origin of all 234 gene-related patents and patent applications posted by the U.S. Patent Office this month by clicking
on the appropriate title in the left column of our home page. You will find URLs to locate the full text and diagrams of all cited documents at the top of the respective PDF files.

We hope you find these brief updates helpful. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime with suggests and comments.


Joanne F. Gucwa, Editor

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