Biotech Circle News - March 2007

June 27, 2007

The 58 new articles bring the article archive total to 2,812 that you can search, covering agri- and biobusiness, contract services, drug delivery, research advances in specific therapeutic and diagnostic areas...and more.

Do you have a PlayStation 3 that you'd like to put to use for a good cause when your  children are asleep (and so are you)? Its processor can do certain calcuations up to 20 times faster than a PC, so scientists have set up a distributed computing project for conducting research on Alzheimer's disease. Check out the March 2007 featured article.

It's a rare month when we're able to find two articles with directly opposing viewpoints on the same subject. The topic is biomedical research funding and the opposing viewpoints are expressed by writers at Business Week and Johns Hopkins. See the category "Investments/Government Support" to access the articles.

The 92 gene-related patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office in March 2007 brings the total to 2,644; with the 179 additions in March, our database now has 6,100 gene-related patent applications posted by the U.S. Patent Office. We're seeing an upward trend in data processing and image analysis patent applications -- technologies that may be worth monitoring.

Our emerging "Resources" lists (accessed at the right column of our home page), is slowly building, eventually including about 20 categories that will incorporate links to resources worldwide. We'll be concentrating on adding biotech business consultants this month. Are there any categories you'd like to see covered? Send an e-mail to
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Joanne F. Gucwa, Editor

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