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E-mailed free to subscribers August 9 2011; Posted September 12 2011

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July 2011 Report

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BioTech Circle Site Changes

They'll be coming soon for BioBlog, which we started in 2005; and for BioFables, our "stealth-learning" series of entertaining children's stories incorporating science, math and technology, begun in 2008. About time, you might say.
July 2011 Biotech Article and U.S. Gene-related Patent, Patent Application Update

You now have access to 6,112 Web articles, 6,574 gene-related patents and 14,118 gene-related patent applications...26,804 biotech citations in all.

From November 2010 forward, the monthly research archives are available in HTML, rather than PDF versions in our Research section.

You may review the PDF versions of all archived Web articles and the gene-related patents and patent applications issued and posted by the US Patent Office through October 2010.

Web articles

We try hard to find life science articles, freely available on the web, that cover important technology advances. It's inevitable that some content may be more -- um -- esoteric than non-researchers find comfortable reading, so we introduced a new category in July: "BT's News You Can Use." Here you'll discover tips that you can apply right away for keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy. We hope to bring you at least 10% of the monthly articles in this category.

In our August newsletter we'll return to our format of highlighting our "top 3 picks" articles.

Gene-Related Patents/Patent Applications

There were 87 gene-related patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office in July 2011. As usual, Japan headed the list of coutries outside the United States, with 12 patents, followed by Taiwan (4) and 3 each for France, Germany and Korea. 

Of the 145 gene-related patent applications posted in July 2011, Japan led the list of countries outside the United States, with 18 patents. We are happy to note that countries not usually linked to biotech activity have applied for U.S. gene-related patents, including Estonia, Portugal and Saudi Arabia.

We'll cover August patents and applications in greater depth in our next monthly newsletter.


We offer deeper analysis of patenting activities according to your needs and would be pleased to answer any of your questions on our advisory services on global partnering and other opportunities in biotechnology.


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