BioTech Circle News - December 2007

March 17 2008

New Feature - BioFables

The field broadly known as biotechnology spans an incredibly diverse universe of technologies that impact our lives and environment, not just in the present, but for future generations.

In our articles section, we select web articles each month that are both cost-free (although several publications require registration) and jargon-free -- and thus
readable by nearly everyone, including those without deep technical backgrounds and our visitors for whom English is not their first or primary language.

Behind the biotech articles we cite and the much larger number of additional biotech articles that are published each month are important scientific discoveries, new concepts and significant consequences, both actual and potential.

We're writing a series of brief BioFables...imaginative stories that incorporate scientific topics and facts while blending in some flights of fancy. These stories differ from
science fiction, which is mostly entertainment blended with some level of scientific reality. Rather, with BioFables, we're hoping to enlighten and educate in a mostly-
lighthearted, entertaining format.

We hope you'll enjoy reading the exploits of Mallory (nickname Bioloney) and Melody Maloney, also known as Mal and Mel. The introduction to the series gives some
background and a first look at other folks such as biology teacher Jeannette Ichs.
December Biotech Report

With this December 2007 update, you now have access to 3,298 Web articles, 3,317 gene-related patents and 7,386 gene-related patent applications...14,001 biotech citations in all.

You may now access our selected December 2007 Web articles and the gene-related patents and patent applications issued and posted by the US Patent Office by going to

Alternatively, you can quickly review the article titles with links to the abstracts and full articles, and gene-related patenting activity sorted by country by clicking on
"Archives" and then the underlined text (rather than the PDF symbol).


Web articles

The end of the year is generally a time of reflection and assessment, a time to review events and developments of the year just completed and a look forward to what lies
ahead. You may want to bookmark the following links for your future reference.

Applied Clinical Trials offers 4 excellent resources:

Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initials, Version 6.0

CDISC Clinical Research Glossary, Version 6.0

Internet Resources Guide

Professional Societies and Associations

From American Chemical Society: 2007 Chemistry Highlights

Technology Review: The Year in Biotech

Time Magazine:

Top 10 Scientific Discoveries,30583,1686204_168...
Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs,30583,1686204_168...

Check out the remaining 68 articles, covering such diverse areas as why bee populations are dying, re-creating a 9,000 year old beer recipe, the impact of the
Food & Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007, new tests for  cancer cells in blood, modeling drug delivery systems on a beetle that sprays toxic steam...
and much more.
Gene-Related Patents/Patent Applications

Only 61 gene-related patents were granted by the U.S. Patent Office in December 2007, just one more than in November 2007, issued to 11 countries outside the United States.

It was a quiet month for Gene-related patent applications as well, as only 105 were posted by the U.S. Patent Office in December 2007. They were represented by 18 countries.

Review the titles, categories, assignees, country of origin of all 234 gene-related patents and patent applications posted by the U.S. Patent Office this month by clicking
on the appropriate title in the left column of our home page. You will find URLs to locate the full text and diagrams of all cited documents at the top of the respective PDF files.

We hope you find these brief updates helpful. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime with suggests and comments.


Joanne F. Gucwa, Editor

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