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September 20, 2007


Bioclusters are growing in the "LINKS TO ADDITIONAL RESOURCES" in the right column of our home page at Our aim is to provide links to information on geographic regions worldwide that have a core infrastructure that includes many or all of the following life science entities: companies (emerging and established), universities, research labs, funders, associations, governmental support.

Countries covered so far: Canada, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K. Many more countries and regions to come. We'll be slowly working on the United States - a daunting task. Meanwhile, please let us know if  we've missed any bioclusters from the above countries.

Beacon on Biotechpreneurs
As we note on our homepage:

"Hundreds - perhaps thousands - of promising new and emerging technologies disappear each year, often due to lack of exposure to financial and other resources."

We hope to highlight some "promising new and emerging technologies" through a series of profiles we're calling Beacon on Biotechpreneurs.  Click on the link in the right column to see the application form - some fields mandatory, others optional - from which we will create stories that showcase both the science and the people behind it.

August Biotech Report

You may now access PDF versions of our selected August 2007 Web articles and the gene-related patents and patent applications issued and posted by the US Patent Office in August through the links in the left column of our home page:

You can quickly review the article titles with links to the abstracts and full articles, and gene-related patenting activity sorted by country by clicking on "Archives" and then the underlined text (rather than the PDF symbol).

With this August 2007 update, you now have access to 3,074 Web articles, 3,046 gene-related patents and 6,878 gene-related patent applications...only 2 fewer than 13 thousand biotech citations.
Web articles

Here is  an article of 53 in from this month's report that caught our attention:
"Plastic from Feathers"

Researchers are investigating ways to create biodegradable plastics from agricultural byproducts — such as poultry feathers and eggs — that would be comparable to petroleum-based plastics.

An article the patent professionals may want to send to clients and prospects:

"Patents: Patent Strategies for Biotechnology Enterprises"

A patent is an asset that can improve competitive advantage and boost profits, yet many biotech firms miss opportunities to take full strategic advantage of their patents, authors say.

Check out the other 51 articles by clicking on the left column of our home page.
Gene-Related Patents/Patent Applications

More than half (54%: 42 patents) of the 78 gene-related patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office in August 2007 were issued to entities in 13 countries outside the United States. As was the case in July, more than half were in the "Molecular Biology and Microbiology" category.

Exactly 40% (74) of the 185 gene-related patent applications posted in the same month were represented by 17 countries outside the U.S.

Review the titles, categories, assignees, country of origin of all 263 gene-related patents and patent applications posted by the U.S. Patent Office by clicking on the
appropriate title in the left column of our home page. You will find URLs to locate the full text and diagrams of all cited documents at the top of the respective PDF files.
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Joanne F. Gucwa, Editor

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