Think You're not Innovative? Sure You Are! How to Prove It. Part 2.

September 13 2010

Everyone does it, on average 3-5 times in a 24-hour period, according to experts...though you often may not remember. And yet these events are PROOF POSITIVE that you've got what it takes to be creative. What do  you do all the time that's so creative, even when you're not aware of it?


You're soaring through the air, battling dragons, searching for your lost homework (though you've been out of school 20 years or more), dancing barefoot in the street. Sometimes in slow motion, other times like a caffeinated Matrix flick, jumping from one scene to another.

These are NOT activities you typically engage in during the day. Where do they come from? Your sleeping brain. Creative, right? Innovative? Yes, if you tap into your inner creativity that's already demonstrated in your dreams.

Remember that time when you talked the traffic cop out of giving you a ticket or mixed and matched articles of clothing that produced a surprisingly effective outfit (read other examples from our Part 1 post on August 25)? Just knowing that you are indeed creative will help you set your creativity free.

Do you want to tap into the creativity of your dreams themselves? Different opinions about dreams cover the spectrum from "totally useless" to "know your dreams, know yourself."

I'll leave you to do the research on them yourself -- type the word "dream" with other words, such as why do we dream, meaning of dreams, psychology of dreams, lucid dreaming and you'll find a whole host of articles and links to keep you busy for some time. WebMD has a good article to start you off.

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