Think You're not Innovative? Sure You Are! How to Prove It. Part 1

August 25 2010

While creativity may not apply to accounting or most interpretations of the law, most of us are far more innovative than we give ourselves credit for. So when your own business or personal situation calls for innovation, just call up your creative spirits. Here's how to find them and how to apply them.

1) Have you recently discovered you lacked an ingredient for a cooking recipe or couldn't find a tool to do something, such as prop up a sagging tomato plant or loosen a screw? What did you do?

You might have used yogurt instead of sour cream, a rake handle instead of a cage, or a paper clip instead of a screwdriver.

See? Or take a look back to your childhood.

When none of us had chalk, we kids just scratched our hopscotch boxes onto the sidewalk with a stone and then used the same stone to toss as a marker, Just remember what you did then and..............


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