Real Chicken Taste -- Without the Chicken

Tuesday, June 22 2010

I'm not a vegetarian, but maybe it's simply too close to lunchtime -- and it's just  10:30 in the morning! The video showing people eating stir fry chicken-like protein made from soy, oil, flour and water made me hungry.

University of Missouri scientists spent a lot of time getting the process to produce a "chew" texture that is just right. As a former food chemist, I respect the difficulty and applaud their apparent success. Check out this video and see if you don't agree.

Too bad their product won't be appearing on our tables anytime soon. They're looking for a sale to a food company. I wonder if fast food places would use it in their "chicken" burgers (appropriately labeled, of course). Or Chinese take-out?

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Topics: Food/Nutrition