Asparagus "Spears" Top Place in June Garden

June 20, 2012

Our asparagus patch has exceeded its "personal" best harvest ever: nearly 15 lbs and counting since April. With that many green spears peeking out of the ground one day and ready to eat in 48 hours or so, it's a race against time. The gracious neighbor-recipients of the bounty tend to feel guilty after accepting a couple of bunches (or they might simply be tired of them).

So what's a gardener to do? Sure! Look it up.

Check out the nutritional data on asparagus at NutritionData. Asparagus occupies just about the highest point on the nutrition map. Scroll down for what is probably more than you'd ever want or need to know about carbs, minerals, protein, vitamins and other constituents of asparagus.

Curious about how other foods stack up? At the top right, simply enter the food name or select specific categories, including your favorite Fast Food place (such as Krispy Kreme, Subway and Wendy's).

Category: Now You Know
Topics: Food/Nutrition, Gardening