27 Benefits to a Veggie Garden; Benefits 22-27

April 21, 2011

Continuing with the good things that come from a home vegetable garden.
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22.    A Hobby "Cultivated" for Retirement
The attractiveness of walking, swimming, playing a musical instrument and other similar activities involving movement is that you can continue to enjoy them at your own pace, regardless of your age or (for the most part) physical condition. The added benefits of your own veggie garden, such as good nutrition, saving money and producing a smaller carbon footprint -- not to mention the other "27 benefits" discussed here -- make gardening an especially rewarding hobby in later life.If you live in an apartment or assisted-living facility, a window box or two can contribute a lot to your well-being.

23.    Friendly Competition
Some people I know might call it "Annoying Your Neighbor" when you succeed in growing the tallest pole beans, fattest tomatoes or most prolific peppers. Whichever way YOU view it, there's nothing like a little competition to encourage you to get the most out of your little plot of earth.

24.    "Go Green" -- Literally (not to Mention Orange, Yellow...)
What better way to flaunt your "green" lifestyle than with the "greens" you grow?

25.   Vacationing during Peak Harvest Time (August)?
You can still benefit. invite your neighbors to help themselves. They'll love you for it. You might encourage them to take photos to memorialize your generosity. Just remind them to close the gate to your garden (if you have one) when they're done. Who knows? You might even get some homemade soup when you return.

26.    Share Your Gardening Discoveries via Blogs, Talks at Your Local Garden Club
All gardeners have a secret tip or two for getting the most out of their efforts, not to mention tales of won (or lost) battles with munching insects or bunnies. Share your tips with a broader audience...even if you can't hand everyone a bunch of freshly-picked carrots...and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

27.    Pride in Your Garden's Progeny
And your gardening prowess. You don't need to enter your champion squash in your state fair's competition to enjoy a well-earned sense of accomplishment. Celebrate each miracle of nature as your seeds, seedlings and "garden-ready" plants mature and ripen into nutritious, edible fruits and vegetables. As my Polish ancestors and relatives say: Smacznego!

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