Biorefinery Input=Corn. Output=Food+Fuel+Fertilizer

August 31 2010

In my last blog post, I questioned the financial rationale for a process that extracts oil from waste plastic.

There's another process that sure seems to be the equivalent of "using every part of the pig except the squeal."

SynGest, a company headquartered in San Francisco, is planning to build a multi-tasking biorefinery in Iowa, which is granting "substantial funding" according to an article by Chem.Info.

Substantial funding? In this economy? I think I can see why.

The company explains and diagrams its "black box" technology in terms and graphics that even non-technical legislators can grasp...and want to pay for.

Like by showing the fuels generated by their oxy-gasification proces in a "Wheel of Fortune" rather than as a boring list. Or explaining by a very simple diagram why their process to generate bioammonia is actually carbon negative (without resorting to numbers).

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