Mind-reading Software - Spreadsheets, Word Processors could Use Some

September 23 2010

So, an Intel exec says "context-aware computing" that's been around a long time is finally seeing the light of day. Here's the full article.

That's nice. But Ask and Google have been doing that for some time in their search and even so-called targeted ads.

My gripe is with ordinary business software that DOESN'T learn my preferences.

Take spreadsheets, for example. You ALWAYS format certain columns, "dates" let's say, in a certain way. The default is not the way you prefer and yet there's no way of changing the default, so you go through all the extra motions each time you launch a new spreadsheet. And even if you DO highlight the column and tell the spreadsheet how you'd like to see the entries as you type them? Nope, not always. So you suffer through looking at entries that are not to your liking and change them when you're finished. What a waste!

Same is true for word processors. For certain things you can change the default, but not for others. Am I just being picky? Or am I missing something?

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